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Technical Articles

Ruby/Rails Testing

Ruby Testing Micro-Course
Ruby/Rails Testing Glossary
Rails Testing Resource Roundup
How to Pick a Testing Framework for Your Rails Project
Things You Can (and Should) Ignore When Getting Started with Rails Testing
All Code Eventually Gets Tested, It’s Just a Question of When and by Whom
How to Get Started with Automated Testing in Rails, Even If You Feel Totally Lost
Taming Legacy Ruby Code Using the “Sprout Method” Technique
How to Get RSpec to Skip View Specs When You Generate Scaffolds
RSpec Hello World
Testing Anti-Pattern: Setup Data Leak
Achieving Blur in Capybara
Why I Recommend Against Using Cucumber
Why “Write Tests. Not Too Many. Mostly Integration” Is Bad Advice
Deploy to Production on Day One

General Ruby/Rails

Where to Put Rails Modules


Getting Started with Angular CLI
How to Delete an Item From a List in AngularJS
How to Add a Test Coverage Report to an Angular CLI Project

Angular + Rails

Get Started with Angular 4 and Rails 5
How to Deploy an Angular CLI Webpack Project to Heroku
How to Deploy an Angular 2/Rails 5 App to Heroku
How to Deploy an AngularJS/Rails Single-Page Application to Heroku
How to Deploy a Rails Application with an Angular CLI Webpack Front-End


Variable Name Anti-Patterns
Why Small Stories Are Better Than Big Ones
My Favorite Debugging Techniques
My First Attempt at a Genetic Algorithm
My Second Attempt at a Genetic Algorithm

Non-Technical Articles

How to Get Traffic for a Technical Blog


Chicago Angular Meetup – Introduction to Angular 2