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Hi, I’m Jason Swett, host of The Ruby Testing Podcast and author of the upcoming book Rails Testing for Beginners.

I’m here to help Rails developers get better at writing tests. I offer the following educational resources, most of which are free:

Articles: You can find all my Rails testing articles here. Good ones to start with might include:

Free live workshops: Roughly every Tuesday at 2pm Eastern I run a live Rails testing workshop I call The Sausage Factory.

Videos: You can find a bunch of Rails testing videos on my YouTube channel.

Book: I’m working on a book called Rails Testing for Beginners. I expect the first edition to be ready in late spring 2019.

Instructor-led courses: I have an upcoming course called Learn Rails Testing in a Month.

Video micro-course: I offer a free Ruby Testing Micro-Course. This course has been started by hundreds of developers and featured in Ruby Weekly #390.

Podcast: I host The Ruby Testing Podcast, featuring such guests as Michael Hartl and Ben Orenstein. I’ve also guested on other Ruby/Rails podcasts including The 5by5 Ruby on Rails Podcast and Ruby Rogues.