Free Mentorship

Looking to improve your programming skills? I offer free mentorship to programmers of all experience levels. I’ve been programming since 1996 in a variety of languages, and I’ve taught programming all over the world. My specialties are testing and OOP, specifically in Ruby on Rails.

I can help in the following areas:

  • Test-driven development
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Domain modeling
  • Code design
  • Programming habits
  • System administration
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Git

Read on to learn how it works and how you can take advantage of the offer.


Every week I host an online meetup called the Code with Jason Meetup. All my mentorship sessions take place during Code with Jason Meetup sessions.

If you’re selected as a mentee, I’ll share my scheduling link with you and you can select some time slots that work for you. Our mentorship sessions will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube so others can benefit from our sessions. This is the “price” the mentees pay in exchange for the free mentorship.

Below is a sample session.

Most mentorship sessions take the form of a pair programming exercise. I’ll be the navigator and you’ll be the driver.

Apply for mentorship

Use the form below to apply to be a mentee. If it looks like a good fit and if I have the bandwidth, I’ll contact you so we can schedule some time together.

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