Code with Jason Meetup

Every Thursday evening at 9:00pm Eastern time, I do a one-hour Zoom session to talk about programming. These sessions are meant to be fun, informal and interactive.

I call this the Code with Jason Meetup.

Here are some examples of topics we might discuss during a meetup session:

  • How to keep a large Rails codebase organized
  • How to avoid refactoring too much or too little
  • How to write clearer, more understandable tests
  • What Docker is and how to use it
  • The purpose of private methods

Attendees are welcome to participate and ask questions but there is no obligation to do so.

Join the next meetup session

There is no cost to attend the Code with Jason Meetup. To join the next session, enter your email address below.

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I look forward to seeing you soon!


Date/time Topic
2023-05-07 9am Eastern Freelancing as a developer
2023-05-04 9pm Eastern Freelancing as a developer (with special guest Jeremy Smith)
2023-04-30 9am Eastern How to keep Rails controllers organized
2023-04-27 9pm Eastern CWJ Meetup member code review – Ben Orozco
2023-04-23 9am Eastern A different way to think about Rails models
2023-04-20 9pm Eastern CWJ Meetup member code review – Ben Robinson
2023-04-13 No meeting
2023-04-06 No meeting
2023-03-30 No meeting
2023-03-23 9pm Eastern Member code review with Helmut Kobler
2023-03-16 9pm Eastern Abstraction
2023-03-09 9pm Eastern What causes flaky tests