Consulting and advisory services

I work as an independent consultant, providing a wide variety of services to CTOs, VPs of Engineering and small business founders. Below are some examples of the types of scenarios I help my clients with.

Scenarios I’ve helped with

If you identify with any of the scenarios below, you and I might be a good fit to work together.

Self-taught technical founder

I’m a self-taught programmer who started a software business. The business has been commercially successful but from a technical perspective I’ve made a mess. Now I need help learning how to write tests and how to structure my code in an understandable way.


I have trouble deciding how to prioritize my work. I have long-term objectives that keep not getting moved forward because there are a million little day-to-day concerns that keep clamoring for my attention. I want to make progress on the things that are actually going to have a positive big-picture impact.

Dubious tests

My application has some tests, but probably not enough, and I’m not sure if the tests we have are even very good or not. I want someone to teach me and my team what makes a meaningful test and how to get into the habit of writing them.

Rework problems

I give my engineers clear assignments, but I keep having to reject their work because it doesn’t meet the specifications. I often have to reject the work due to quality issues as well. How can I get my engineers to do a reasonably good job the first time around?


How are your engagements structured?

There’s no single structure I use for my client engagements. It depends on the scenario. The default starting structure is that we meet on a video call once per week to discuss the issues you need help with. If that goes well we usually end up meeting for more time each week.

Do you do team training?


Do you only provide advisory services or do you do hands-on coding as well?

I do provide hands-on coding services in addition to advisory services.

Samples of my work

Below are a couple mentorship sessions I recorded that are representative of the type of work I do with clients.

About me

I’m the host of the Code with Jason Podcast and the author of the Complete Guide to Rails Testing. I’ve spoken at RubyConf, RailsConf and many other events around the world. My clients have included small two-person businesses and large organizations HP, VMware, Liberty Mutual and the University of Chicago. I live in Sand Lake, Michigan.

Want to work together?

If you’d like to talk about the possibility of working together, just fill out the form below. I’ll contact you as soon as I can, usually the same day.