Learn Ruby on Rails Testing

Do you want to become a confident Ruby on Rails tester but you’re not sure how to start?
Check out my free Ruby Testing Micro-Course.

What’s included:

  • Four Short and Simple Videos to Follow
  • No Rails, No Databases, No JavaScript – Just Ruby
  • A Complete (But Small) Sample Application
  • Fun Exercises – and Solutions
“Jason’s course explained Ruby testing in a way that was easily understandable. There was no point where I got confused by too much jargon. It actually made me get excited about RSpec!”
– Patsy Price, Sr. Software Developer, Santa Clara CA

“I have to say that your micro-course made me fall in love with RSpec. Thanks for sharing.”
– Juan Pineiro

“Jason has adeptly and concisely conveyed many of the important aspects of TDD in an imaginative example that can keep the beginner’s attention, without overwhelming them.”
– Federico Esparza, AgileVentures.org Mentor