Welcome to Code with Jason

Hi, I'm Jason Swett. I created the resources on this site to help you become a better programmer. Here's what you can find on this site.


I write articles on various programming topics including Ruby on Rails, Docker, automated testing and object-oriented programming.

Online Meetup

Every week I host an online meetup called the Code with Jason Meetup. Sometimes I give a presentation in the meetup followed by a group discussion. Other times I do an interview or a code review session. You can see a sample recording of the Code with Jason Meetup here.


I have a YouTube channel with programming videos. A couple of my more popular videos include Understanding Ruby Proc objects and How to Dockerize a Rails application.


I have a podcast called the Code with Jason Podcast. Past guests have included people like Kent Beck, Sandi Metz and David Heinemeier Hansson. New episodes come out roughly once a week.