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Want to get hands-on help Rails testing help from me?

I offer a number of service options depending on your needs and budget, ranging from $X00,000 to free.

Private Tech Talk

Many companies hold regular weekly or monthly “engineering sync-up” meetings. I can give a remote or onsite talk to your team on Rails testing best practices.

Optionally, you can even give me GitHub access prior to the talk so I can give advice specific to your technical state of affairs.

Price: $X00 to $X,000 (plus any travel expenses)
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Test Suite Health Check

I’ll review your test suite code and provide you with a detailed report of where you can improve. Can be coupled with a tech talk to provide maximum value.

Price: $X00
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Private Class/Workshop

My private workshops range from half a day to five days. Half-day workshops can be online but anything longer must be onsite. I’m willing to travel anywhere in the world. I’ve taught in the US, Europe and Africa.

Price: $X,000 to $X0,000 (plus any travel expenses)
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Custom Project

Perhaps your test suite is slow, or flaky, or painful to maintain. Or maybe you have a legacy project with very few tests and you’re not sure how best to get good test coverage. Or maybe you need to implement CI/CD so you can deploy with more frequency.

If you want me to actually get in there and make commits to your repo, I can do that. This service can be coupled with a private workshop for maximum impact.

Price: $X,000 to $X00,000
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Free Help for Individuals

I’m happy to provide free help when I can. I just have one rule: it has to be in public. That way my work can provide value to more people than just the one person asking the question.

If you have a specific technical question you’d like my help with, what I always recommend is that you post a Stack Overflow question and tweet it to me or send me an email at with a link to the Stack Overflow question. I’ll take a look if I can, but if I can’t, it’s very likely that someone else will chime in with some help.