I’m renaming Rails with Jason to Code with Jason

by Jason Swett,

I’ve decided to rename my podcast, formerly known as Rails with Jason, to Code with Jason.

Such a pivotal event in world history of course calls for some commentary. Here’s what you can expect to be different on the show, what you can expect to stay the same, and why I’ve decided to make this change.

What will change

As the name change implies, the scope of the podcast will no longer be limited to just Rails. This is actually less of a change of direction and more of an acknowledgement of existing reality. It’s already the case that probably half or more of my content is not Rails-specific.

One consequence of this change that I’m excited about is that I’ll be able to dramatically broaden the palette of guests that I can have on the show. When the podcast was explicitly Rails-focused, I had reservations about inviting “big names” from outside the Rails world on the show because I didn’t imagine that being on a Rails podcast would necessarily fit into their plans. Now that that limit is gone, I’ll be much more comfortable inviting any guest at all.

What will stay the same

The format of the show will still be the exact same. I’ll still have guests on for (hopefully) interesting technical conversations.

I’m still going to talk about Ruby on Rails. I myself am still a Rails developer and I expect to remain so indefinitely. If you’re a Rails developer and you’re wondering if the show will still be relevant to you, my hope and expectation is that it will.

Lastly, I’ll of course continue to charm you with my hilarious jokes and dazzle you with my towering intellect. As if I could stop if I wanted to.

Why I’m making this change

My motivation for expanding the scope of my podcast is pretty simple. I want to reach more people and broaden the possibilities for what the show can be. The more programmers I can help and the more I can help them, and the broader the field of topics that can be explored, the more fun and worthwhile of an endeavor this will be for me.

If you’re a listener of the podcast, thanks for listening so far. I hope you’ll join me in this next chapter of the show.

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