Exosuit demo video #2: launching an EC2 instance from Exosuit’s web UI

by Jason Swett,

Exosuit is a tool I’ve been working on to make Rails-AWS deployments almost as easy as Rails-Heroku deployments.

Back in late September 2019, I coded up an initial version of Exosuit and released a demo video of what I had built.

Since then a lot has changed, including my conception of what Exosuit even is.

My original thought was that Exosuit would be mainly a command-line tool, with a web UI in a supporting role. Now my thinking is that Exosuit will be mainly a web UI tool, with a command-line tool in a supporting role.

Here’s what I’m currently imagining the launch process to look like, roughly:

  1. Create an Exosuit account
  2. Connect Exosuit with your AWS account and let Exosuit launch an EC2 instance
  3. Run git push exosuit master to deploy your Rails application to your new EC2 instance

So far I have steps 1 and 2 complete. It might not sound like a lot, but it took me over a month of work!

Below is a demo video of what Exosuit can do so far.

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