Rubyists to follow on Twitter

by Jason Swett,

If you’d like to keep your finger on the pulse in the Ruby world, here’s a list of Rubyists you can follow. The list is in alphabetical order by last name.

The list

Bozhidar Batsov
Author of RuboCop.

Rob Bazinet
Rubyist, blogger.

Nate Berkopec
Rails performance expert, author of the Complete Guide to Rails Performance.

Mike Buckbee
Creator of Expedited Security.

Jason Charnes
Co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast.

Ken Collins
Principal Engineer at Custom Ink.

Dave Copeland
Author of Sustainable Web Development
with Ruby on Rails

Peter Cooper
Creator of Ruby Weekly.

Andy Croll
Organizer of Brighton Ruby.

Andrew Culver
Creator of Bullet Train.

Vladimir Dementyev
Developer at Evil Martians, blogger and conference speaker.

Andrea Fomera
Creator of Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum.

Rafael França
Rails core team member.

Noah Gibbs
Author of Rebuilding Rails.

Justin Gordon
Founder of ShakaCode.

Avdi Grimm
Creator of Ruby Tapas.

Kirk Haines
Principal DevRel at New Relic.

David Heinemeier Hansson
Creator of Ruby on Rails.

Michael Hartl
Creator of The Ruby on Rails Tutorial.

Nate Hopkins
Creator of CableReady and StimulusReflex.

Jemma Issroff
Writes and speaks on Ruby garbage collection, writes weekly tips for Ruby Weekly.

Ross Kaffenberger
Rubyist and blogger.

Ufuk Kayserilioglu
Production Engineering Manager at Shopify.

Dave Kimura
Creator of Drifting Ruby.

Brittany Martin
Host of the 5by5 Ruby on Rails Podcast.

Joe Masilotti
Creator of Mugshot Bot.

Andrew Mason
Co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast.

Yukihiro Matsumoto AKA Matz
Creator of the Ruby language.

Dan Mayer
Rubyist, blogger.

Adam McCrea
Creator of Rails Autoscale.

Sandi Metz
Author of POODR and 99 Bottles of OOP.

Directory at Ruby Central, blogger.

Mike Perham
Creator of Sidekiq.

Chad Pytel
COO of thoughtbot.

Charles Nutter
Co-lead of the JRuby project.

Chris Oliver
Creator of Go Rails, Jumpstart, HatchBox and Rails Bytes. Co-host of the Remote Ruby podcast.

Aaron Patterson
Teller of jokes.

Noel Rappin
Author of Modern Front-End Development for Rails and other Rails-related books.

Frank Rietta
CEO of Rietta Inc..

Mike Rogers
I know Mike best for his Docker-Rails template.

Robby Russell
CEO of Planet Argon.

Richard Schneeman
Creator of CodeTriage, a maintainer of Puma.

Colleen Schnettler
Creator of Simple File Upload.

Justin Searls
Co-founder of Test Double.

Prathamesh Sonpatki
Prolific blogger and conference speaker.

Jesse Spevack
Rubyist, conference speaker.

Kelly Sutton
Blogger, conference speaker, engineer at Gusto.

Matt Swanson
Creator of Boring Rails.

Ernesto Tagwerker
Founder of and OmbuLabs.

Eileen Uchitelle
Principal Engineer at GitHub, Rails core team member, conference speaker.

Brandon Weaver
Rubyist, blogger, conference speaker.

Jared White
Rubyist, blogger.

Samuel Williams
Member of Ruby core team.

Josh Wood
Co-founder of Honeybadger, co-host of FounderQuest.

Jake Yesbeck
Rubyist, blogger.

Ender Ahmet Yurt
Co-Organizer of Ruby Turkey.

Rob Zolkos
Rails developer, prolific help-provider in the Ruby on Rails Slack.

Jason Swett
That would be me.

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