Want a job where I work?

A little bit about where I work

I work for an ophthalmology clinic based in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. I lead a small (but growing) team of developers.

The application we’ve built is an electronic medical record (EMR) system. Our system helps us manage every aspect of our business including scheduling, billing, administrative work, and clinical data.

From a technical perspective, our system is a “majestic monolith” built on Ruby on Rails. We use server-side rendering with JavaScript sprinkles, taking advantage of the leverage afforded by Turbo and Stimulus.

We’re a brick-and-mortar business but we’re on a startup growth trajectory. Here’s why we think working for us is a better experience than working for most other places.

What makes working here different

Here are some things you might enjoy about working where I work.

  • We use a development process that makes your work easy and enjoyable to do. Each ticket you’re assigned is small enough, on average, to be completed in less than a day. Each issue has 1-5 clear bullet points that let everyone involved know exactly when the ticket can be considered done.
  • We have a smooth onboarding process. You’ll deploy to production on your first day. We’ll give you a “mini-onboarding” for each piece of work that you’re assigned so that you have the context you need.
  • We use short feedback cycles. When a pull request of yours is merged, your work will be deployed to production typically within just a few minutes. We deploy to production several times a day. This allows you to stop thinking about a ticket once you’re done with it.
  • We understand that it’s easier and faster to work with good code than bad code. We’re not afraid to spend an “unreasonable” amount of time refactoring code. We know that time spent on intelligent refactoring pays itself back many times over.
  • Our application is well-covered by automated tests. Our test coverage is what enables us to work quickly, deploy frequently, and refactor freely in order to keep our codebase clean and easy to work with.
  • Our good practices and clean codebase mean that our engineers are able to learn and improve much faster than at other places where much of the time is spent fighting legacy code.
  • We have very few meetings. Aside from a daily stand-up meeting which we’re strict about keeping to about five minutes, you’re free to just do your work. This job is a good fit for someone who wants to spend most of their time coding.
  • What you can expect to learn here

    Here are some examples of things you can expect to learn working with me.

  • How to organize a large Rails application
  • How to write tests using a repeatable formula
  • How to quickly and safely refactor a piece of code
  • How to fix bloated Rails Active Record models
  • How to use tools like Docker, Vim, Tmux and the Linux command line
  • In general, how to write code that’s easy to understand and change
  • What you can expect from the interview process

    The interview process starts with a live-coding exercise to assess your technical abilities. From there we have one or more follow-up conversations.

    Some interviewers leave candidates hanging, but we’ll give you a conclusive answer as to whether or not we’d like to extend an offer.

    Qualifications, salary and application

    We’re open to all experience levels and all education levels (no college degree needed). We care about abilities more than credentials.

    This is a remote job. US time zones are preferred but applicants can be from anywhere in the world.

    Pay is dependent entirely upon the value you can bring. Our salary range is between $30K and $300K.

    The first step of the interview process is a 15-minute live-coding test. From there we have a number of conversations to assess mutual fit.

    If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of working with us, I look forward to hearing from you.

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