Suite Magic: run your whole test suite as fast as your slowest single test

Slow tests are a pain point for pretty much every Rails developer ever. In fact, there are a number of fairly universal annoying aspects of running tests.

Local testing is too slow

Running the whole test suite locally can take 20 minutes, 30 minutes or more. This is a huge interruption to my workflow. What do I do during that 20 minutes? Start working on another feature, only to have to stop in 20 minutes? Just sit there? Play 11 games of ping-pong every day?

That’s why we have CI tools…but they’re too slow

In my (limited) experience with CI services, there’s a time-consuming build/compile step that can take some minutes to complete before testing can even start. And then the tests don’t run particularly fast, even with parallelization.

With CI tools, you have to make a Git commit prior to running the tests

I hate the idea that I have to make a Git commit in order to run my whole test suite. If the change I’m working on introduces a regression, I want to find that out before I make a commit. I don’t want to make a commit and then discover it was bad. I want to ensure that each commit will be good before I make it.

Introducing: Suite Magic, an absurdly fast test runner for Rails applications

What if instead of all this, you could just run your whole test suite in a grand total time of just a few seconds (no matter how many tests you have), and what if you could do it before you make a commit so that you’re only committing regression-tested code?

That’s the aim of Suite Magic, my currently-nonexistent Rails test runner tool. But if I do have a proof-of-concept working, and if I get enough serious interest, I intend to make it available as a real product. Below is a demo video.

Suite Magic is invite-only – get on the waiting list

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