Online Workshop: Rails Testing Basics

Do any of these sound like your experience with Rails testing?

  • “It was not clear to me what parts of the code I should test when, how and exactly why.”
  • “While I can write really great, extensible, idiomatic, and clean code, I struggle with understanding what to test and how to test it.”
  • “It’s taking me a lot of time to figure out the right thing.”
  • “I’ve never done TDD programming.”
  • “I’m quite familiar with Rails itself but I never really bothered to learn much about the testing solutions available.”
  • “We know we should be testing; how do we start?”
  • “I feel like I understand most of the common stuff with Rails, however I still really really suck at testing.”
  • “I used to do Capybara in 2014, is that still in style?”
  • “I don’t test. And frankly I don’t even know where to begin.”
  • “Is there some simple methodology I’m missing? A simple, fundamental, repeatable process to writing tests that I just haven’t stumbled across?”
  • “I want some good reference books so I could focus properly without wasting my time tweaking.”
  • “Wow! Glad I’m not the only one. I’ve held CTO, Sr. dev, and all different level positions. Have more than a decade experience, but for the life of me, testing is stupid difficult to grasp.”

What if instead you were saying these things?

  • “I know exactly what parts of my code I should test and how to test it. Not only that, but I firmly understand why.”
  • “Testing is such a natural part of my workflow that I almost never have to futz around to find the right solution. No staring at a blank editor. I just know what to do and I do it.”
  • “I’m just as comfortable with Rails testing solutions as I am with Rails itself – whether that be RSpec, Minitest, or any of the testing gems available like Factory Bot and Shoulda.”
  • “I know which tools are in practice today and which are deprecated. I’m up-to-date.”
  • “I have a simple, fundamental, repeatable process I use to write tests.”
  • “I have a bookshelf filled with relevant, up-to-date books that help me with Rails testing (even if the books aren’t all Rails-specific).”
  • “I used to find testing difficult to grasp but now I get it.”

Get up to speed faster with my online workshop, Rails Testing Basics

Here’s how it works.

  1. You’ll sign up for the workshop. $50 per person.
  2. Each workshop happens on a Sunday. We’ll get on a Google Meet call from 12pm to 2pm Eastern. (That’s 9am to 11am if you live in Pacific Time, or 5pm to 7pm GMT.)
  3. You’ll get permanent access to my private Slack group as part of the workshop.
  4. I’ll spend about 30 minutes writing some model tests and feature tests using RSpec, Capybara and other common Rails testing tools. Then I’ll give you an exercise and give you an hour to try it on your own, using my Rails repo as a starting point. Lastly we’ll spend about 30 minutes together going over the exercise and doing Q&A.
  5. After the call I’ll leave you with some optional homework.
  6. You’ll ride off into the sunset on the road to becoming a more confident Rails tester.

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Note: in order to give each participant enough attention, seating for this workshop will be limited to 10 people.