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Ask An Expert Any Rails Testing Question (No Catch)

Do you have a testing question the internet doesn’t have an answer for?

Are you struggling with a testing-related problem, and you’re finding the answers online to be unsatisfying?

Are you having a hard time knowing what to test, knowing how to test your features, or setting up your testing infrastructure? Or maybe you’re having some other testing problem that no one seems to be talking about online.

Obliterate your testing challenges by getting expert help – free of charge

I’m Jason Swett, author of Rails Testing for Beginners and host of The Ruby Testing Podcast. Fortune 500 companies like HP and Liberty Mutual hire me to fly to their offices to teach Ruby/Rails testing to their employees, which is very expensive. But you can experience nearly the same benefit for free, from the convenience of wherever you are.

You can always chase down your Rails testing answers by spending hours searching online or reading a million books, or you can just get your answer from me directly.

How it works

If you’d like to participate, here’s how it works:

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  2. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to submit your question via email, webform or tweet
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  4. You’ll join the meeting and, if your question is selected, hear the answer

And just so you know, the webinar isn’t a pitch-fest or anything like that. I might take 10 seconds at the end of the webinar to share a discount code for my book at the end of the webinar, but that’s about it.

“Why are you doing this? Is there a catch?”

Why am I giving away answers to Rails testing questions, a service for which I’d normally charge at least $300/hr?

I’m doing this for a few reasons: one, hearing your questions helps me know what to write about next. Also, to be totally open, I think you’ll get so much value out of these free webinars (and the other Rails testing-related blog posts and videos that I send you) that eventually you might want to buy my book or at least tell others about my work. Plus I actually just find it fun.

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