Rails Application Template

I created a Rails application template to help you save time and effort when creating new projects.

What the template includes

  • A Dockerized PostgreSQL database service
  • A Dockerized Redis service
  • RSpec, Capybara, and Factory Bot
  • A sample system spec to get your test suite started
  • Devise

How to use the template

  1. Purchase and download the template ($19)
  2. Run rails new my_app -m template.rb
  3. Run docker-compose up (to start the database server)
  4. Run bin/setup
  5. Run rails server and start coding

How to get the template

Click the Purchase button below. You’ll receive the template repo via email.

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For support, just email me at jason@codewithjason.com.

Refund policy

If for any reason you decide you would like a refund, just email me at jason@codewithjason.com for a full unconditional refund.