Jason Swett in the Media

Podcast Appearances

Developer on Fire
February 8th, 2018
Jason Swett – Growing Socially

Freelance Transformation
December 25th, 2017
When the Worst-Case Scenario Actually Happens with Jason Swett

Ditching Hourly
October 23rd, 2017
Lessons Learned with Guest Jason Swett

The Ruby Rogues
October 19th, 2016
Angular on Rails with Jason Swett

The Startup Success Podcast
September 24th, 2015
Jason Swett, Snip Salon Software


Ruby Weekly Issue 178
Ruby Weekly Issue 217
Ruby Weekly Issue 241
Ruby Weekly Issue 293
Ruby Weekly Issue 390

Other Media

Wall Street Journal
August 12th, 2013
How to Be a Better Conversationalist