Skip all the setup and get straight to building your Rails app

Getting a Rails project set up on a brand new computer can be a pain in the ass. Even creating a new Rails project on a regular development machine is harder than it has to be.

What if it were trivially easy?

Imagine if you could carry out the following steps instead.

  1. Start with a fresh computer that doesn’t have Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL or anything else installed on it.
  2. Run a single command to generate a new Rails app.
  3. Moments later, visit localhost:3000 and see “Yay! You’re on Rails”.
  4. Start building features.

Introducing “Instant Rails”

As of today, this is possible. I created a tool called Instant Rails which can generate a new Rails app using just a single command. See the video below for a demo.

Again, all the above is possible without even installing Ruby or Rails. The only prerequisite to using Instant Rails is that you have Docker and Instant Rails installed.

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