Get help leveling up your engineering practices

If you’re a founder or CTO of a small but growing tech business or startup, I offer consulting services that can help you get to where you want to be. Read on to learn whether my services are a fit for you.

Your situation

Your business has grown to a sufficient size that bugs and outages that were tolerable at an earlier stage are no longer so. You sometimes find it hard to make changes to certain areas because they’re too brittle or too hard to understand. You also sometimes find it hard to decide what features to build, what defects to fix or what areas of technical debt to focus on. You need help leveling up certain engineering practices, either personally or as an organization or both.

Who you are

You’re the main person responsible for the engineering concerns in your business. You may have a professional background in programming or you may be self-taught. Your business is doing at least five figures per month in revenue.

What you’re seeking

These are some of the things you may wish to achieve in order to serve your business more effectively.

  • Easy, uneventful deploys
  • Excellent uptime and stability
  • The ability to quickly and safely make changes to the product in response to rapidly-changing business needs
  • Projects that make it into production quickly and work correctly on the first try
  • Features that match users’ needs on the first try a high percentage of the time
  • Clear, unambiguous product plans for the near future

If these sound similar to the outcomes you want to achieve, below is how we can explore working together.

How we may work together

You can contact me using the form below. If it looks like there may be a fit, I’ll contact you and we’ll have a short call so I can learn more about your situation. Then, if we agree it makes sense to move forward, we’ll begin working together on a trial basis.

Most of my consulting engagements start as a series of one-on-one video or screen-sharing calls. From there our engagement may progress to other formats depending on your needs and desires.

Note: contacting me does not imply an obligation to engage my services or an expectation that you will do so. The only expectation is that we may have an exploratory conversation.

Contact me

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, usually less.