What to expect as a guest on the Code with Jason Podcast


The Code with Jason Podcast production process is designed to be very low-ceremony. There’s no pre-show meeting, no intake to fill out, and very little work for the guest to do in preparation. Here are the answers to some common questions guests have.

How does scheduling work?

For scheduling, I’ll send you a Calendly link so you can pick a time. The Calendly calendar item will contain a link to a Google Hangout which we’ll use on the day of recording.

How do we choose a topic?

I typically do very little topic discussion with guests prior to recording. Quite often we just hit record with no plan at all. Believe it or not, this approach pretty much always works out fine.

Other times I might spend 30 seconds discussing a topic idea with the guest before we record. For example, I might suggest “let’s talk about Docker”. Suggestions from the guest regarding topics are of course welcome as well.

How does recording work? Do I need to do anything?

I record everything on your end. There’s nothing for you to worry about on your end with regard to recording.

Some guests offer to redundantly record on their end. A redundant recording of course never hurts and is always welcome, although certainly not required.

Do you record video or just audio?

Just audio.

What happens on the day we record?

Here’s what happens during a recording meeting:

  1. You and I join the Google Hangout.
  2. We spend one or two minutes on pleasantries.
  3. I get a few housekeeping items out of the way, including how to pronounce your name, how to introduce you, and a 10-second test recording.
  4. I answer any questions you may have.
  5. We hit record and go!