Angular for Rails Developers

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Get Going with Angular
and Rails, Fast

Angular for Rails Developer is a step-by-step guide to building a complete Angular/Rails application.

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Connect Angular and Rails without wasting hours googling obscure error messages

There’s not a lot out there covering Angular + Rails. If you google “angular rails”, surprisingly little comes up. What is there is often out-of-date.

Online tutorials often lack thorough explanation. You can tell the author wrote it in a hurry. They just dashed something off without worrying about whether it’s complete.

Learning new technologies on your own takes forever, especially bleeding-edge technologies like Angular. Weird error messages. Inadequate documentation. Breaking changes.

Google’s documentation sucks. Google has many strengths…explaining things is not one of them. It’s like they try to make the documentation confusing.


Frustrated with the lack of Angular/Rails info out there?

I was too. In 2014 I decided to learn Angular because I noticed it was an in-demand skill. I figured I would build an Angular/Rails side project to get a start. And I wanted to put my Angular app on a Rails back-end because I’m a Rails guy. I had to blaze my own trail.

It was really hard!

I had all kinds of unanswered questions, like:

How do I get Angular and Rails to talk to each other?

How do I structure my apps?

How do I deploy my Angular/Rails app?

How do I do CRUD operations?

How do I do authentication?

I found working with Angular and Rails so hard and frustrating that I wrote a book

It took me forever to write that first Angular/Rails app. Many hours copying and pasting weird error messages into Google and getting nothing back. It was a long, hard slog.

I don’t want you to have to have a long, hard slog like I did. So I wrote this book, Angular for Rails Developers

Angular for Rails Developers covers the following things:

  • How to structure your Angular/Rails app
  • Deployment
  • Authentication
  • CRUD operations
  • Testing with Jasmine
  • The Angular CLI

Build a realistic CRUD application

In the book you’ll build a small CRUD application, complete with working tests:

Get to where you want to be faster

Maybe you want to learn Angular on Rails because you want a better job. Maybe you just want to stay sharp. Whatever your end goal is, you can get there way faster if you use Angular for Rails Developers to help.


What if I buy it and I don’t like it? Do I get my money back?

Yup. If you decide you made a mistake in purchasing the book, you get a 100% refund. I might cry a secret tear but I’ll promptly refund your money and pretend to be happy about it.

Do I get free updates?

Yes, within reason. Minor updates will be free. If I completely rewrite the book a year from now, probably not.

What versions are covered?

Angular 4.0.0 and Rails 5.0.2.

How long is the book?

137 pages.

How handsome and funny is the author?

Extraordinarily. You’ll find exactly three jokes seamlessly embedded within the content of the book. Additional jokes as well as portraits of the author for your private admiration can be purchased for an extravagant fee.

What people are saying

“It wasn’t clear to me how to structure an Angular/Rails application and the online tutorials I found didn’t provide the clarity I wanted. Angular for Rails Developers made it very clear how to structure my application in a way that made sense.”
Martin Müller
Founder, Semacle AG, Zurich, Switzerland

“I wasn’t sure how to set up or deploy an Angular 2 + Rails project. Jason’s teaching showed me how to do both. While I could probably figure it out, the training saved me from wasting time doing trial and error.”
Dan Bruns
COO at Bruns Cloud Solutions, Des Moines, Iowa

“Anyway applause for your great work. I just went through the sample that you shared. I was really impressed and suddenly bought the book. Keep up the writing.”
Sreeraj S.
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

“Jason/AngularOnRails does an excellent job explaining the process for newbies and experienced developers alike to create their own Rails and Angular application. I recommend his book and tutorials to others aiming to hit the ground running and looking to build web applications with these technologies.”
Shawn H.
New Jersey, United States

“Jason, just finished your book, and wanted to say thank you for writing it – I’m a bit shocked at the lack of Angular 2/Rails resources online, and this was by far the best I’ve come across.”
Andy Sharkey
Silicon Valley, California

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