Sausage Factory Screencast Package

Sausage Factory Screencast Package

Confusing Error Messages, Mysterious Bugs

Few things in programming are as frustrating as seeing an error message you have no idea how to deal with, or discovering a bug that you can hardly reproduce, let alone isolate and fix.

What makes this harder is that not many developers are teaching the skill of recovering from problems. Tutorials usually cover the “happy path”. Screencasts edit out all the mistakes and problems, leaving you with the impression that the creator is a wizard who never encounters issues.

So, you’re left by your lonesome. If you’re happily coding along and then a crazy error smacks you in the face, you’re forced to squint at your code and rack your brain to try to figure out what could be the matter.

Plus, most tutorials are overly shallow, by necessity. Most tutorials don’t get into the murky depths of production code where we run into snags that are more complicated and difficult to solve than anything a normal tutorial covers.

Real Coding, Problems and All

What if you could watch over someone’s shoulder and see them…

  • Build a production-realistic Rails application (with tests)
  • Encounter confusing error messages (and figure out what they mean)
  • Introduce mysterious bugs (and then pinpoint and fix them)
  • Get totally lost (and then quickly get back on track)
  • Build one single application over time, encountering production-like challenges as the application grows

Introducing: The Sausage Factory

The Sausage Factory is a screencast series where I code a Rails application unscripted and unedited. If I have to spend 30 minutes tracking down and fixing a bug, you’re right there with me, watching every step of the way.

What’s Included

As of today there are four episodes of The Sausage Factory, totaling just under two hours of video. Here are the four videos that are included.

Episode 001 (14:57)
Episode 002 (16:19)
Episode 003 (38:33)
Episode 004 (42:33)

In each video I progressively build on an e-commerce application called (which you can see on GitHub here). The idea is that is an online bookseller like

About the Creator

I’m Jason Swett. I’m a developer, speaker, trainer, author and host of The Ruby Testing Podcast.

I’ve taught programming classes and given tech talks all over the US and the world, including conferences like RubyConf India and teaching clients like Deloitte, VMware, Andela and HP. I’ve spoken or taught in India, Nigeria, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

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